Toossab Consulting engineers Company with registration No.3115 was established in 1984 aimed at developing the country’s water industry. This consulting company has 35-year experience in Water and Wastewater Industry and has recorded more than 500 study projects within the country and 14 international projects, earning the satisfaction of the employers.


According to the capabilities of Toossab Consulting  Engineering Company, currently due to the needs of country for supplying potable and industrial water from the Oman Sea and Persian Gulf and backed by Toossab Company’s brilliant records, This company is responsible for designing and transferring the largest seawater desalination projects, such as water supply to the eastern provinces from the Oman sea (east of country development corridor), water supply to the central plateau industries from the Persian Gulf (Persian Gulf project), desalination and water transition from the Persian Gulf and Oman sea to Yazd province. This firm puts employer’s satisfaction as the top priority, within the code of engineering ethics framework and relying on experience and creativity of human capital.

This company backed by years of work on large domestic and international projects and trust in its organizational capabilities is proceeding toward expanding the geographical scope of projects and becoming an outstanding international consultant in the MENA region and neighboring countries. along with this, Enhancing productivity, human resource development and increasing profitability are the strategic goals of the company.

Fields of Activity:

Water supply, Storage, Transmission, Treatment and


Wastewater Collection, Disposal and Reuse

Irrigation and Drainage, Dams and Hydraulic

Structure Works

River Engineering

SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)

and Telemetry, Tailing Disposal systems

Road Engineering

Operation, Maintenance and Management of water

and wastewater projects

Land Survey & Geographic Information System


Geotechnical Works, Soil Mechanic and Structural


Among the most important consulting records of Toossab Consulting Engineers Co. can be stated as follows:

National experiences:

Water sector

  • Sungun copper factory`s water supply, pumping installations and tailings disposal and transfer
  • Supplying and Transmission of potable and industry water to the eastern provinces from the gulf of Oman
  • Study of reform and development of Mashhad water distribution network and 13 cities of Khorasan Razavi province
  • Doosti Dam Water Transmission to Mashhad
  • Water transmission pipe line from the Persian Gulf to the South East of the Country’s Mining Industries
  • Tehran 5th Water Treatment Plant
  • Sistan cities Water Treatment Plant
  • Birjand Potable Water Treatment Palant
  • Mashhad Water Treatment Plant NO.1 , 2 and 3
  • Engineering, Procurement, Installation, Construction & Operation of Mared Abadan Dam & ship – Lock by EPC Method (EPC)

Sewerage sector

  • Collection network and sewage transmission lines in Mashhad
  • Development and Completion of Bojnourd Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Kashan wastewater treatment plant
  • Tabriz wastewater treatment plant, second module
  • West of Tehran Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Rasht Wastewater Treatment Plant

International experiences

Water sector

  • Doosti reservoir dam across Harirrood river
  • Gambiri Irrigation Network and Hydropower Plant(Jalal abad, Afghanistan)
  • Marv Water Treatment Plant (Turkmenistan)
  • Vedi and Ararat dam construction (55 km south east of

Armenia capital (Yerevan))

  • Faza Water Supply Project (Faza Island, South east

of Kenya in Indian Ocean)

Sewerage sector:

  • Wastewater Transmission Line SOBA (Sudan -Khartoum


  • Aleppo Wastewater Treatment Plant Development &

Upgrading Plan (Aleppo city in the north of Syria)