Taak Hamoon Industries Co. (private joint stock)

This company operates as a knowledge base in the field of production of reinfo rced multi-layer polyethylene pipes.

produced according to the standards (ISIRI 7175, the national standard of Iran) and (DIN 8075 and ASTM 1238 standards) as well as (ISO 14427 standard) in terms of having the advantages of high flexibility, resistance to fatigue, corrosion, temperature, earthquake and chemical materials, as well as having structural quality and a very smooth and polished surface for quick and easy fluid flow, and also high hydraulic efficiency, durability or long life is considered a very safe choice and because of advantages such as low price and cost installation, operation and maintenance, a cost-effective and reliable solution for a wide range of piping applications in industrial and chemical systems in various industries, including oil and gas production and transmission, pressurized natural gas transmission lines, urban natural gas distribution

, drinking water, sewage and urban sewage systems, mines, landfills, telecommunication channels and power transmission, as well as air and marine facilities, drilling Marine, land and directional have unique efficiency.