Oil and Gas

Hamoon pipeline development company, taking advantage of capabilities of the company and obtaining technical knowledge and development, cooperating with German and Russian companies in the field of oil and gas, and considering the experience of its managers in the design, implementation and management of various oil and gas projects. In Iran, such as the construction of Gachsaran Complex, Mahshahr Petrochemical Complex, Arak Petrochemical Plant, Gazekangan Refinery, Anhardalan Gas Complex, Parsian Pressure Strengthening Station (NGL500), Kranj Pressure Strengthening Stations, Phase 2 of Abadan Refinery, Kerman Oil Transmission Pipeline, Qazvin, Zahedan, Amak Plan and … Preparation of Oil and Gas Transmission Project, Strengthening Stations Flux, wellhead facilities and oil pipelines, petrochemical plants, etc. for C, PC, EPC, EPCF it.