BSP Company was established in March 2002 by a group of experts and university professors to create a leading industry. All stages of designing and manufacturing of machines in the shortest possible time and the highest quality have been done by the experts of this company. The only manufacturer of three-layer polyethylene pipes by co-extrusion method in the Middle East was inaugurated in February 2004 in Noorin Industrial Zone located in Abhar city with the presence of the Minister of Industries and Mines. This product is used in Home heating, hot water transmission, gas distribution network, oil industry, petrochemical, electricity and telecommunications.

This company with high production capacity and specialized staff, with a ten-year Iran insurance warantee and a thirty-year factory warranty, is ready to offer its products to consumers.

At present, this company is the only manufacturer of five-layer coextrusion pipes in Iran and the largest of five-layer co-extrusion pipelines in the world, which can produce five-layer co-extrusion pipes up to 500 mm in size.

Some of the properties of the pipes produced in this plant are as follows:

Higher mechanical strength than similar monolayer pipes

Longer lifespan and economic justification

Hygienic and does not affect the smell and taste of water due to the use of authorized pigments in the food industry in its inner layer

Applying the latest world standards in production

Easier to install and less expensive

Ability to radiometrically and troubleshoot the pipeline by filming and radiation

Precise thickness distribution in the longitudinal and transverse sections of the pipe

Ability to use common fittings in the polyethylene pipe industry

Production of pipes with special properties by consumption conditions

The company’s products / services include the following:

Monolayer and multilayer polyethylene pipes

Polypropylene pipe