Bahar Riokan Co.

Is a private holding company that manages Hapico’s business divisions for investment, asset management, equipmentشرکت بهار ریوکان supply and project engineering

Our main aim is to develop business for the group companies in the regional and global markets.

Subsidiary companies:

  • Hamoon Pipeline Development Co. (HAPICO)
  • Taak Development Technology Co. (TDTC)
  • Trade department

Within our group of companies, we also have several well-known manufacturing companies that can support and supply our projects with all kind of Pipes (Ductile Iron, Steel and polyethylene) and related Fittings and Valves for water, wastewater, oil and gas equipment, metal fabrication, building materials, steel infrastructures and a wide range of other components for various applications

Construction Department of Bahar Riokan Company

Based on Bahar Riokan Companys, Strategy & capabilities one of the main fields of activities is in the construction & building field in the following sections:

– Investing in the purchase of commercial, official and residential land to build high quality buildings according to Last standards

– Joint investment in the design, implementation and construction of buildings Projects

– Investment & participation in construction of buildings and facilities of manufacturing and industrial factories in, and outside the country

– Establishment and management of a partnership fund for investment in the buildings Projects

Currently, the construction department Based on capabilities & expertise is in charge of designing, building and implementing some residential projects in North of Tehran and a recreational  project in the tourist area of ​​Shemshak Shemiranat.