Ostovan Nasb Co.

The company is active from 1999 to now in the manufacture and installation of metal equipment for oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant

projects, including: metal parts for furnaces, boilers, storage tanks, pressure vessels, converters, light and heavy structures, piping Industrial and factory repairs have started and have implemented several projects with success and optimal quality, in accordance with international standards and requirements set by customers.

The company is ready to provide various industrial services to the customers by using advanced equipment, experts and experienced staff.

Board of Directors

Habibollah Shamsuddin Chairman of the Board

Hamid Sajjadi CEO

Hamid Azizi Technical Director

field of activity:

Some of the company’s services (capabilities) can be provided as follows:

  • Installation and commissioning of steam generating boilers with different capacities to set up power generation turbines and equipment that are powered by steam.
  • Installation of direct reduction furnaces (reforming) used in industries, petrochemicals, refineries and steel complexes
  • Installation of water treatment units and production of oxygen and chemical injection packages
  • Construction and installation of oil storage tanks, including: spherical tanks, atmospheric cylindrical tanks API650, Low pressure API620 (floating roof and fixed roof)
  • Installation of reactors, pressure vessels made according to ASME standards. Sec VIII
  • Manufacture and installation of funnels, chimneys, cyclones, filters, and industrial dust collectors
  • Construction and installation of light and heavy industrial steel structures. (bolt & nut or welding)
  • Execution of industrial plumbing (carbon-low alloy-alloy) and performing the required tests