Schiler Construction and Equipment Company

Schiler was established as a limited liability company under the national ID number 14009279841 on 21/04/2013 and was registered in Tehran Companies and Industrial Property Registration Department under number 561280. After preliminary investigations of the feasibility of the establishment based on the desired factors, in order to start the company's operational activities, a 3-year lease contract for a factory with an area of ​​3000 square meters located in the Mamounieh industrial town of Zarandieh city of the Central province was concluded on 06/31/1400 . After purchasing and installing the machines and successfully conducting trial production, on 04/18/1401, he managed to obtain an operating license from the Department of Industry, Mining and Trade of Central Province.
Also, on 12/23/1401, the company succeeded in obtaining the certificate of approval of the quality of its manufactured products with the brand name(Schiler) number 8693528015 from the National Standard Organization. The construction plan of the factory is underway in a land of 4000 square meters located in Mamounieh industrial town and according to the forecast, the construction operation will be completed by the middle of 1402.
Chairman of the Board of Directors: Mohammad Reza Soroush
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors: Gholamreza Shahbazian
Member of the Board of Directors and CEO: Amin Afzali