Abresan Toloue Mehr Company (ATM Co)

The company has been producing Ductile Cast Iron joint since 2005 under the name of Abresan Toloue Mahab Rood Company. It has been

one of the largest Manufacturer of water supply joints in the sewerage sector and also some of the goods required by gas and telecommunication companies. Recently, ATM Co continues its activity, as it before, with the name of Abresan Toloue Mehr this production unit intends to send its products to other countries by expanding its activities and using advanced equipment in addition to meeting the needs of the country.

Company managers

Mohammad Reza Mehri – CEO of the company

The most important products of the company:

  • Ductile cast iron butterfly valve with manual gearbox and electric actuator from DN: 80 mm to DN: 2000 mm
  • Ductile iron cast gate valve from 50 to 500 mm size
  • Automatic control valves (discharge, pressure breaker, etc.)
  • Pit fire Hydrant & Standing type fire hydrant
  • Air valves (single-orifice single-chamber, single-chamber two-chamber, two double-chamber chamber, single large orifice chamber)
  • Types of filters (Y and T shape)
  • Types of ductile iron fittings from DN: 80 mm to DN: 1400 mm
  • Types of anti-theft valves
  • Steel valves, including butterfly valves, Y-shaped and T-shaped filters, one-way watter hammer from DN: 100 mm to DN: 2000 mm
  • Steel fittings including Dismantling joint, flange, tee, bend, adapter coupling, expandable connection
  • Supply of fittings and fittings required by desalination plants and water and wastewater treatment industries

Field of activity:

Import and export of all authorized commercial items along with production and build of all pressurized cast iron and steel fittings, valves, billets, hatches in water, oil and gas industries