Saba Sakht Co. was registered in 1995 in order to carry out commercial and engineering activities in its specialized fields. All company’s services and operations have been formulated in the company’s Articles of Association. Over the course of its activities, the company has become more famous for building and automotive parts, and has recently been operating in the field of trading and supply.

An example of the company’s activities is as follows:
1- Construction of the Iran Chassis Factory belonging to Bahman Group.
2- Manufacture and assembly of Mazda and Mitsubishi passenger car coolers.
3- Production and assembly of Heavy Duty Cooler Coolers.
4- Representation in the supply of Korean coolers.
5- Manufacture and assembly of passenger cars.
6- Representation of gas pumps and gas burners from 13 German companies.
7- Representation of polyethylene pipe production equipment from Goldstone Co., China.
8. Representation of Ductile Iron Ductile Iron Pipes from 2 Iranian factories.
9. Supply and warehousing of all water and sewage pipes and valves and fittings.
10. Manage operation of commercial / administrative / welfare centers in northern provinces.
11. Preparing and drafting business plans and justifications for them and custom activities.