SEYF BANA FULAD was established with the main purpose of design, fabrication, and erection of all types of steel structures. The

production unit of the company is equipped with advanced and modern equipment such as overhead & gantry cranes, mechanized production lines, all types of hot and cold cutting machines, fully automatic Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) line, multifunctional pressing and punching machines and painting line. The fabrication unit was built in Lia industrial Park in Qazvin province.

Thanks to our knowledge and decades of experience in the construction industry and backing to the use of advanced equipment and machinery, we have been able to manage and execute construction & steel structure projects throughout Iran and Gulf Countries.


  • To be among top 10 steel structure fabricators in view of Quality & Speed of delivery across Iran till 2021
  • Penetration into the market of 3 of the Gulf countries till 2021
  • Qatar, and Iraq markets have almost been achieved.
  • Great strides have been made towards achieving Oman market.


We, at Seyf Bana Fulad, provide total solutions for the fulfillment of construction projects:

Management – Engineering – Procurement – Construction –

Steel Structures Fabrication

We have the ability to participate effectively in a variety of construction projects:

High-Rise Buildings – Industrial Sheds

Residential/Commercial/Office Buildings – Mass Construction –

Infrastructure Projects

Experiences at A Glance

Fabrication & Erection of tens of thousands tons of Steel Structures

Fabrication of around 100 Industrial Sheds

Export of thousands tons of steel structures to Qatar & Iraq

Fabricating the Steel Structure of several High-Rise Buildings

Execution of several mass construction projects

Construction of different kinds of Reservoirs

Construction of Commercial Complexes, Hotels, Office Buildings, and Factories

Construction of dozens kilometers of roads