Aron Saz Hamoon

Aron Saz Hamoon Co (Private Shares) was registered and established in Tehran, with registration number 580447 and national ID number 14010143289, in Tehran

This company, with a combination of 100% private ownership and with the collective efforts of experienced engineers and specialists working in the country’s contracting industry, with the aim of providing the services required by public and private sector employers in matters such as engineering, design, implementation and management of various construction projects and Industrial, especially in the field of pipelines (water and sewage, oil and gas) has started its activity




Aron Saz Hamoon Company was established and formed with a combination of 100% private shareholding and a special share structure under the Trade Law, and the share percentage of each shareholder is as follows

Mr. Seyed Iman Mir Mohammad Ali (51% shares)

Mr. Haider Begmaz (48 % shares)

Mr. Saeed Yousefi (1 % share)




Aron Saz Hamoon Company, relying on the experiences gained by its managers and shareholders during years of activity in the contracting industry, as well as taking advantage of the managerial and financial support of its mutual cooperation with the Hamoon Pipeline Development Co (Hapico) to create a suitable platform for In order to be able to implement and advance the goals of the clients’ and beneficiaries’ projects, the negotiation and contract parties have taken action, which will be as follows

Implementation of transmission lines and water distribution networks and related facilities

Implementation of transmission lines and sewage collection networks and related facilities

Implementation of construction and building projects on a turnkey basis

Implementation of industrial projects and factories along with related facilities on a turnkey basis

Implementation of projects of transmission and distribution lines and related Piping facilities in factories and refinery and industrial projects

The methods of implementing the defined projects can be done in the following formats

General contracting

Contract management