Tom Kavan Saba Company is a knowledge-based company, arising from academic-industrial thinking and its establishment is the result of

many years of activity of the founders of the company in the university and industry. The products of this company have been selected mostly due to the social responsibilities of the university towards the society. The company strives to meet the needs of society through innovation and invention, efficient, up-to-date and environmental responses. Tom Kavan Saba Company has started offering its products since 1399, taking advantage of the graduates of the best universities in the country. The main field of most of the company’s products is mechanical engineering and mechatronics. Most of the company’s products are innovative and have a patent certificate.

Scope of cooperation activities includes:

1- Commercial affairs including ordering and concluding contracts for purchasing required equipment and supplies, selling devices, selling spare parts, obtaining representation of equipment suppliers, developing domestic and foreign markets, and all related matters in the trade and sales sector, which are mostly in The activity of the first party is considered complex.

2- Providing financial resources through domestic and foreign investors and obtaining the required guarantees, which are mostly considered within the scope of the first party’s activity.

3- Design, product engineering, optimization of engineering efficiencies and development of production technology, which is mostly considered in the scope of the second party activity.

4- Making the final assembly, testing, delivery, after-sales installation and commissioning, warranty, operation or monitoring and support of these items (both parties)

5- Providing after-sales service, setting up a maintenance system along with supplying the required spare parts (both sides)

6- Electrical and mechanical construction and installation operations and installation of equipment (both sides)