Project Name: Construction of the water transfer system of the city of Chabahar from Zirdan Dam

Subject: Procurement and construction 88-kilometer pipeline with ductile iron and steel pipe ranging 1000 and 1200 mm include preparation and installation of all valves and fittings, construction of pools, building and 2000-cubic-meter tank

Objective: Supplying raw water of Chabahar water treatment facility and drinking water for Chabahar residents

Employer: Sistan and Baloochestan Province Water and Sewerage Company

Construction Consultant and Supervisor: Mahab Qods Consulting Engineers Company

Contractor: Hamoon Pipeline Development Company (Hapico)- Zolal Iran

Duration of Contract: 36 months based on the Solar Hijri calendar (the calendar used in Iran)

Contract Price: 2,465,000,000,000/- Rials