1.    About us

Our company is a private company that manage Our business divisions to the Constructions, engineering and equipment supply and services. Bahar Riokan Group is one of the largest importers, exporters of pipes, petrochemical and mineral raw materials and etc.  Our products are world-class and meeting the highest international standards. We have built solid joint ventures with the Iranian premier manufacturers and suppliers enabling us to offer a wide range of products at a highly competitive prices and delivery schedule.

Bahar Riokan Co. is the parent holding company for the following subsidiaries:

  • Hamoon Pipeline Development Co. (HAPICO)
  • Hamoon Transmission Line) HATRAL Co.)
  • Saba Pipe Line Co.(SAPCO)

2.    Board of Directors and Shareholders

Bahar Riokan Co. is able to supply all requested productions in variety of fields from main and trusted sources with high quality relies on shareholding with leading manufacturing companies in Iran and senior management team:

3.    Our Business

As one of the most established equipment supply and sales organizations in Iran, the company has over the years developed extensive expertise in a variety of specialized fields.

These include a comprehensive range goods as following categories:

  • All kind of Pipes (Ductile Iron, Steel and polyethylene) and related Fittings and Valves for water, wastewater, oil and gas applications
  • Steel products such as steel bars, sheets, slab and etc.
  • Structural and decorative stone (onyx, travertine and marble) as tile, slab or block
  • Food productions
  • Petrochemical and mineral materials

4.    Project Management and Consulting

We ensure effective project management to ensure on-time delivery and cost-efficient solutions for clients. We offer certified Project Managers to lead the installation process, project implementation and training teams.

From the early project planning stage, our team manages each step of the process to ensure that installations are on time and under budget. Project meetings throughout the process guarantee that everyone is on the same page in terms of safety, costs and installation times.

All newly installed equipment is then run through on-site testing to ensure that system equipment is working as it should. We offer a complete range of after-sales services and support for all our business units.

Bahar Riokan Co. successful achievements in large-scale engineering projects have been recognized by HAPICO.  We are qualified to handle projects of unlimited contract such as: MC, EPC, EPCF, TURNKEY, BOT, etc.

5.    Finance Service

Our project finance services are comprehensive, flexible and can be modified as your needs. The scope of our services is to meet your specifications and expectations

6.    Our Mission

Our policy intends to benefit both customers and Bahar Riokan Co. through increasing client satisfaction leading to growth in existing markets and investment in new market areas in CIS, GCC and East and South East Asian countries.

Of vital importance is our commitment to supply high quality products and services, which comply with the contractual, statutory and regulatory requirements and deliver professional, timely order and service to our client.