Privacy Policy

Hapico makes every effort to maintain the security of personal information of users and uses this information to provide better service and timely and appropriate response, which will be followed by a description of it.
Hapico receives information from the user, according to the terms, that part of this information is provided by the user himself, and the part is also automatically received by the user system, which does not include personal information and user privacy.

Personal Information :
Hepiko may request information from you, which may include the identity information necessary to send the message. This information will be reserved for Hepiko.

IP address:
Hapico uses the IP address to provide better support, eliminating service problems.

Cookies :
Generally, cookies include small files stored in the user’s system. Cookies can be used to better understand customer requests based on records. Hepiko also uses cookies to identify users by detecting robots from the main users.

Links :
Hapico may provide one or more links to internal pages of the site or to request replies.