1. About us

Hamoun Transmission Line Company (HATARL) has been established by private sector with registration No 523281. The company has started it activities 2018 February 21. and also we are qualified to handle projects such as (MC, EPC, PC, C, etc.)

  1. Board of Directors and Shareholders

HATRAL is a completely private company which is able to execute projects relies on shareholding with leading manufacturing and contracting companies in Iran:

  • Bahar Riokan Co.
  • Hamoon Pipeline Development Co. (Hapico)
  • Saba Pipe Line Co.
  • Hami Tejarat Paydar Insurance Co.

Our senior management team:

Mr. Hassan Soroush as chairman of the board

Mr. Heydar Bagmaz, Vice Chairman of the Board

Mr. Seyed Iman Mir Mohammad Ali as a member of the board

Ms. Leila Vedad as a member of the board

Mr. Mohammad Amin Abdolahi as CEO and a member of the board

  1. Our Services
  • Building:

The main part of our activity is in building sector. Hatral intend to design and build modern buildings rely on experience and abilities and has a mission to introduce Hatral as a famous brand in near future.

  • Technical and consulting

We offer certified person who qualified for legal activities in contracting, advisory and technical services for our customers.

  • Finance

We are ready to cooperate with financers for investing in profitable projects. Our service is comprehensive, flexible and can be modified as customer s requirement.

  1. Our Mission

HATRAL resolve to place a modern management system and create a rewarding work environment with talented and hardworking teams for providing opportunities for their professional development.